Any type of Arrest or Charge for a Crime can leave a lasting mark on your permanent record. If you want the best possible result, you need an attorney that will study every minuscule detail of your case to get you the best possible results.

My strategy for each Criminal Defense Case always begins with a face to face confidential interview with my clients to get your side of the story. I will personally meet with my clients to find out as much detail as possible. Once I have a full understanding of what actually happened then I begin to request discovery and evidence from the DA's office and from the Police Department. Many times we find flaws in the Prosecutions case that leads to a dismissal or a favorable plea deal.

I also make sure to keep my client's informed on what our strategy for the case is and give my clients updates on each step of the way.


If you have been cited for a DUI, you must know that you do have options. You have only 10 days to request a hearing from the DMV to contest the suspension of your license. Attorney Jaquez can attend the DMV Hearing and Criminal Court hearings with you or in your place. Each DUI has a different set of facts and each case has to be analyzed to determine how you can overcome the suspension and the conviction of DUI.

Possession and other Crimnal Charges

If you have been arrested for any criminal matter and want someone who will give you a complete and fair assessment of your case call Attorney Jaquez.